Discovery Square 2018 Real Estate Sales Report

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discovery square herndon virginia 2017 report

Below you will find a summary of the 2018 Sales for Discovery square in herndon VA. To the right you will find the summary. if you would like to see other years, please link from our main Discovery page to all the Real Estate Summary Pages. If you have specific questions, please chat or call or text anytime.  

Discovery Square Townhouse 2018 Sales Summary

discovery square herndon townhouse summary 2018

Below you will find the DETAILS of the above complete with address info 

discovery square herndon townhouse details 2018

Discovery Square Condo Sales For 2018

discovery square herndon condo summary 2018

Condo Details - Please note that these are for 2018 only!

discovery square herndon condo details 2018

Disclaimer: This information is obtained from our local MLS and deemed reliable but not guaranteed. The information is as good as what agents enter into the system. In some cases, there may be some errors. This information is provided as reference only. Please ask for additional information or explanation of items if you are not sure. 

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